through the integration and utilisation of multiple sources of complex and verified data we ensure a valid chain of custody from the earliest point in the supply chain through to the end user. our platform is the missing element that unlocks the level of transparency required to underpin brand promises with immutable and verifiable data.

multiple data points and additional elements are taken directly from their source, as the ubloquity platform integrates seamlessly (through APIs) with any existing information system. 

it can be a temperature sensor that sends a signal to a telemetry system, a veterinary system that holds the medicines administered to the animal, an RFID signal from a livestock ear tag, or the GPS signal from a smart lock.

we can also connect with auditing and certification systems to visualise these elements, providing the basis for quality labels, or proof of PGI status.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is a status awarded by the European Commission that protects and promotes named regional food products that have a reputation or noted characteristics specific to that area.


through our authentication services we can restrict who can access information about the product that is stored on our platform. our geolocation and tracking services can provide real-time information on where a product is and the trajectory it followed to go from A to B by connecting to GPS servers and the transport management systems of hauliers.


the AI services we provide can identify products that are tagged with QR codes and combine these together to lock them in a digital block, helping establish each element in a complex composed product, like the ingredients that are used to create a ready-made pigs in blanket dish.

the data and insights we collect and visualise through the ubloquity platform also enable us to offer our customers a range of business intelligence services that identify whether an asset can be produced better, safer, or more sustainably.