we provide a comprehensive range of standard services to our customers, be that creating unique asset identification; #secured data; Ricardian contracts; NFTs; or a trusted chain of custody.

on top of our basic offer, we can also add a range of additional services that provide more data points helping complete the digital story of each product. 

for example, telemetry data – regarding the temperature at the time of storage and transport of the product; the type of vaccinations that a product received during its lifetime; the real-time location of a product; or the data from a smart seal that protects a load in transit. 



#1. Every asset on the UB platform is unique. ubloquity uses multi-tier identification elements to make each asset unique, and locks it in a digital data block

#2. ubloquity secures all the digital data blocks with a # so that they can not be altered

#3. ubloquity links all the digital data blocks together in a trusted chain of custody



livestock producers



government / regulators

food and beverage



business information services.

our BI services will help you establish whether the asset can be produced better, safer, or more sustainably. governance surrounding the environmental and social impact of an asset is increasingly important for investors when identifying material risks and growth opportunities.


auditing and certification services.

we were born out of the highly respected world of auditing and certification services at NSF International. as such we have the knowledge, expertise and experience enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes. 


sustainability services.

the world is waking up to the impact of how companies do business, and how products are made, manufactured and transported. we’re able to support you in understanding your impact, assessing and optimising your energy use, to driving sustainability strategies that ensure you’re meeting your legal requirements and adhering to your publicly stated commitments.


quality services.

our ability to track every step of a product’s lifecycle means we can identify whether it meets the required quality standards throughout that journey. and if not, where best to intervene in the process to put things right.


health services.

by linking with labs, we can also provide an overview of any lab test such as BVD or bovine TB for cattle. this way we can show information about the health of the asset too. we can also link with veterinary systems that contain the medical records of an animal and log every vaccination and medication that the asset received, at the precise moment it was administered by the vet.


authentication and authorisation services.

by integrating with multiple other systems, we can collect a vast amount of data for each asset right from the source and register that in a secure way on the ubloquity platform. through our authentication and authorisation services, we authenticate each actor before they consult any data, and we make sure they can only consult the data they are authorised to. for example DEFRA would be able to see all the information about all of the livestock farmers, whereas each farmer will only be able to see the data related to his or her own holding ID.


geolocation services.

assets can be equipped with a SIM that sends a GPS signal, or a chip that sends an RFID signal. our geolocation services allow us to pick up those signals and pin the asset on a digital map. we can also create a geofence around the location of the asset allowing actors to only interfere with the asset when they are authenticated and located within that geofence.


tracking services.

where is the asset moving to and how is it getting there? the GPS or RFID signal that is sent from the asset can also be picked up by our tracking services and provide real time information on the movement of the assets between point of departure and the point of destination.


verification services.

is it the same asset throughout its journey? once the asset is identified through the multi-tier identification elements, our verification services will guarantee that throughout its lifecycle it is the same asset that was captured at the point of creation.


provenance services.

where does the asset come from? we can tell you exactly where the asset comes from. this has huge benefits at every step of the supply chain, and even enables the end consumer to know where their food was grown, raised, or caught.


origin services.

where has the asset been produced? our origin services create a view on how the asset has been produced. a complex asset can be broken down to all the different elements that composed the asset, for example all of the individual ingredients used in a supermarket ready meal can be identified and tracked.