ubloquity signs 3-year exclusive deal to be Fujitsu’s smart border blockchain provider.

Photo: Mark Fraser (l), Sales Director of b4b Group and Kieran Kelly (r), CTO of ubloquity have been awarded consortium partnership agreements with Fujitsu UK & Ireland. Their bespoke technologies will underpin Fujitsu’s smart border solution, Atamai Freight. Craigavon-based Manfreight which is leading transformation across the logistics sector is also an integral consortium member. Pictured with the smart seal which is at the heart of the innovative digital solution are Manfreight’s Sales Manager, Irene Campbell and James Duke (2nd r), Digital Lead.

ubloquity today [Wednesday 6th July] announced it has signed an exclusive three-year partnership agreement with Fujitsu in the UK & Ireland to underpin its smart border solution – Atamai Freight – with ubloquity’s enterprise blockchain technology.

The contract comes on the eve of ubloquity’s first anniversary, during which time it has quadrupled in size, built a provenance chain of custody platform for a multinational food manufacturer, and won several prestigious awards for innovation and technology. 

ubloquity was established in July 2021 following a successful round of seed funding where it secured more than £2m from early investors. It is currently in the process of seeking Series A investment to accelerate its growth both domestically and internationally. 

Rob Chester, ubloquity’s CEO said: “I’m absolutely delighted we are partnering with Fujitsu to underpin its smart borders solution. Our vision at ubloquity is to provide the foundational technology to enable the seamless movement of goods across all international borders. 

“The future of global trade will be digital, and it will be carried on distributed ledger technology. That’s why we are focused on building federated blockchains that can carry the truth between multiple actors in an interconnected supply chain. Be that government agencies, logistics providers, or the producers of goods.”

Fujitsu’s Atamai Freight- officially launched at the end of June in the UK, following successful trials of the service with logistics providers and food manufacturers based in both GB and NI. Atamai enables goods to move seamlessly by verifying the integrity of freight from the point of loading to the point of unloading.  

From the outset, leading logistics provider, Manfreight has been an instrumental part of the Fujitsu-led consortium. The Manfreight team immediately recognised Atamai Freight’s potential to transform the entire supply chain through the safe, secure, and seamless flow of goods. Reflecting its commitment to invest in its people and systems, Manfreight has pioneered the smart seal technology, benefiting its customers through end-to-end visibility and integrity across each consignment delivery.

Chris Slowey, CEO, Manfreight said: “As market leaders, innovation and new technologies are at the heart of our offering, benefiting our partners, customers and the economy as a whole.

“Atamai Freight represents a sea-change for the logistics sector offering 100% transparency, and control through GPS-enabled smarts seals. Our customers are already seeing substantial benefits in terms of efficiency savings and peace of mind. We look forward to rolling out this technology to more and more food manufacturers and retailers in the weeks and months ahead.”

Christian Benson, VP, Client Managing Director at Fujitsu UK & Ireland said: “With the help of our consortium partners, we are establishing a new level of collaboration and trust throughout the UK supply chain making it easier to move goods. Atamai utilises Smartlocks, GPS and Blockchain to secure and assure the content of road freight between GB and NI. It provides real-time visibility of each journey and consignment, which can then be shared with participating businesses and government authorities.”

By unifying all the different elements of the supply chain on a single digital platform, businesses can speed up processing at the port of entry and provide their customers with accurate arrival times.

Food manufacturers and suppliers can automatically complete complex customs procedures, saving time and money.


Notes for editors:

  • ubloquity is an award-winning start-up based near Banbridge. In April it was recognised by FSB Northern Ireland as the Start-Up Business of the Year. Kieran Kelly, CTO and co-founder was a finalist in the Innovative Start-Up category in the Northern Ireland region of the National Start-Up Awards, and Ellen Marks, ubloquity’s agri tech manager was awarded the One to Watch in the Future award in the Women In Tech Awards. The awards are organised by Women in Business, Northern Ireland’s leading support network for women in the workplace.
  • ubloquity specialises in creating the foundational blockchain platform required to underpin a digital trust network. Its technology captures multiple sources of data, processes and verifies that data, enabling the trust ecosystem to function, while delivering value to each participant in the network.
  • The platform enables participants to see what is on the load, where it is on its journey, and when it will reach the next checkpoint – be that the port of exit, port of entry or the receiving factory or retailer distribution centre.
  • Alerts are generated so everyone within the connected supply chain can keep one step ahead of the product on its digitally mapped journey. The smart seal triggers a notification when the vehicle enters a geo fenced location (such as a five-mile radius from the border). This can be set to alert officials of an approaching load, where it originated from, what it contains, reference to its official and regulatory paperwork and where it is heading – reducing the need to carry out manual spot checks.

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