do you want to help us solve Brexit, reduce global carbon emissions, eradicate food fraud, and build the technology that will create frictionless trade across international borders, while harnessing the trust economy? if so, you might be right for ubloquity.

get in touch and tell us why we should recruit you to our team. you can pen us a letter, create a cartoon, attach a drawing or picture that sums you up (it doesn’t need to be a picture of you) and if you really must, attach a CV (yawn). email: jobs@ubloquity.io

the boring
but essential bit

ubloquity is a start-up developing a service platform to support proof of provenance and digital authentication services. with our emerging technology, we are shaping a National Infrastructure Program and we are tackling the challenges of the digital transformations in the global supply chain industry. we combine pragmatism, discipline, and customer-centric innovation to deliver trusted, proven solutions that customers need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. 

we are currently building the next generation of digital and asset identity services utilising cutting edge technology, approved processes and dynamic people. to support this we are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer with high motivation who can contribute to a team environment with a focus on cloud infrastructure, performance and security. this role will play an important part in our product development process.

the best thing about ubloquity is our people. do you love challenges and finding solutions? do you enjoy working with talented people? do you want to have a real impact on the world? then why not join us! email: jobs@ubloquity.io

the trust economy

because we’re able to prove the origins of products and capture each step along the way of a complex supply chain, we can deliver real-world impacts such as reducing the instances of food fraud; preventing the shipment of fake medicines; and making it nigh on impossible to tamper with our National and International supply chain.