ubloquity specialises in creating the foundational platform required to underpin a digital trust network. Our blockchain technology captures multiple sources of data, processes and verifies that data, enabling the trust ecosystem to function, while delivering value to each participant in the network.

We started out in life as a food provenance platform, enabling our customers to trace their products back to the most relevant start point in the supply chain.


Our ubloquity platform has created a trusted chain of custody which can underpin frictionless trade across borders. Our unique technology has the potential to revolutionise how goods move back and forth between countries, speeding up customs checks to a matter of seconds, when it could traditionally take hours or even days.


Because we’re able to prove the origins of products and capture each step along the way of a complex supply chain, we can deliver real-world impacts such as: reducing the instances of food fraud; preventing the shipment of fake medicines; and making it nigh on impossible to tamper with animal tags.