why we
do it

“we believe it is important to know the truth about products in the supply chain: where it comes from, how it has been produced, what transformations it experienced and by whom; to protect the value of assets in the supply chain by providing reliable and trusted information.

at ubloquity we care passionately about people, the planet, and how food and products are made, manufactured and transported. 

we know that innovation in the field of blockchain is unleashing amazing opportunities to improve supply chains, reduce friction, and enable more seamless movement across borders. All of which has been brought into sharp focus during Brexit and the global Covid-19 pandemic.

we believe we can help transform the way business is conducted, and by doing so we can reduce the carbon impact of feeding entire nations, moving goods between markets, and we can eradicate food fraud. our technology is already enabling efficiencies in multiple supply chains to be realised helping innovation to thrive.

we have also seen first-hand the positive impact our technology is having on primary producers who are exporting their premium products, safe in the knowledge that the claims they make about quality are backed up with proof. 

we are helping them reach new markets and increase their returns at a time that many in the agriculture sector in particular are at risk of going out of business.

we also see the future of global trade sitting on the foundations of the blockchain we are helping establish. 

it is extremely exciting to be a part of building that future.